Auguste Moreau

Curiosa figura de bronce con base de marmol representando a un querubin montado a un animal maritimo firmado por el celebre artista frances Auguste Moreau.

Material: Bronce-Marmol
País: Francia
CIRCA 1890

 Auguste Moreau (1834-1917) was a famous sculptor of France. 

He was born in 1834 in Paris. He was the son of Jean-Baptiste Moreau, a sculptor, who also worked as a painter and draughtsman. The artis was already taught by his father and was introduced by him in the craftwork of sculpture. We can assume that he continued his education at one of the popular art schools in the French capitol. 

In his early life Auguste Moreau visited the "École des Beaux-Arts". Since 1968 this famous academy has been called "École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts". It was founded on April 20, 1797 as „École spéciale de peinture, de sculpture et d`architecture" and was officially acknowledged by the French King Louis XVIII in 1819. 

The most renowned schools is located in the district Saint-Germain-des-Prés and extends over an area of approximately 2 hectare. In the past there was the Augustinian monastery "couvent des Saints-Augustins" at this location. Even today its little chapel is preserved. The studies at the academy are always held in studios. 

He knew probably not a few of the famous artists, who graduated at the "École des Beaux-Arts". Among them are Henri Matisse and the carver Georges Gimel. 

Auguste Moreau even developed a special style of filigree figures during his further artistic training and development. His works were first exhibited in 1861; therefore he became very early well-known.

  • Código: R1991

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