A. Calmels

A fabulous gilt bronze group of the beautiful goddess seated side saddle. The figure of Diana with hand carved ivory head, arms, legs and body. The sculpture raised on a stepped in a green marble signed by A. Calmels.

Dimension: 54cm (high)
Material: Bronze - Ivory
Country: France

Diana The Hunter in the arts:

Since the Renaissance the myth of Diana has often been represented in the visual and dramatic arts, including the opera L’arbore di Diana. In the 16th century, Diana’s image figured prominently at the châteaus of Fontainebleau, Chenonceau, & at Anet, in deference to Diane de Poitiers, mistress of Henri of France. At Versailles she was incorporated into the Olympian iconography with which Louis XIV, the Apollo-like “Sun King” liked to surround himself. Diana is also a character in the 1876 Léo Delibes ballet Sylvia. The plot deals with Sylvia, one of Diana’s nymphs and sworn to chastity, and Diana’s. assault on Sylvia’s affections for the shepherd Amyntas. 

  • Code: 1858

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